Thursday, December 06, 2007

Travelogue 2007

The Budget Terminal at Changi Airport.

Pretty impressive I must, for a budget terminal, exterior and interior-wise. Inside, there are only about 10 outlets to eat and shop. The BEST shop was the bookstore because 15 minutes after we checked in, came the announcement of our flight delay. @#$%&! We couldn't get out due to immigration issues. Hubbie left his cellphone in my car back at my workplace, but we couldn't get out of the airport to go get it. So, we were stuck, but we were Mr. and Mrs. Sunshine. Nothing could get us mad because this was our first vacation in 2 years. We had our asses glued to the bookstore floor. I read 5 celebrity gossip magazines and... did you know Britney is balding?! It was fantastic. We never have the chance like this ie. forced to do nothing for 3 hours, but read and read your heart's content in a bookstore.

People sitting around at the corridor leading to our boarding gate.

Our compensation meal. VEGE sandwich.

After an hour's flight, we are whisked off to our resort by a very hi-tech Toyota 6-seater super VIP van that had mega speakers., and to me it looked more like a cockpit. These tour maxivans are apparently common here.

Our room at Buri Tara Resort.

And because the pathetic vege sandwich couldn't fill our stomachs for 2 hours straight, we head to the 24-hour Raja Burger. 2 minute tuk-tuk ride.

Balcony of our room with direct pool access.

Our first meal in Krabi. Chicken rice by the roadside stalls. They're the best.

Ao Nang, the main town of Krabi, where the shops and the beach are.

Ao Nang Beach. The water looks clear, but I find the sand a little dull and not-so-fine.

Our pre-dinner. Sensational green papaya salad, must-have tom yam soup and sticky rice.

We spent the day just walking around Ao Nang before being lured into the mass massage pavilion.

The next day was spent island hopping under the blazing sun.

Paradise! OK, this picture doesn't do justice to the sheer azure little 'lagoon' surrounded by white fine sand. This is what I call paradise.

Another beach. Camera battery eat shit on me.

The next day, we said good bye to Krabi and off we went to another part of our vacation. Retail therapy in Bangkok.

Nok, one of Thailand's popular budget airline.

I decided that we should indulge ourselves in a boutique hotel which is becoming very popular in Thailand. Boutique hotels/resorts are usually small, cozy, have limited rooms, and they are very pretty. Like this one called Dream Bangkok located at Sukhumvit where shopping areas are easily accessible.

This is the most basic room we took. So chic!

Oh lookie what we have here. So thoughtful.

For the next 4 hours, we rubbed shoulders with the crowd at Chatuchak/Jatujak/JJ market. THE mother of all markets in Thailand where you can find treasures among the 15,000 stalls in there. Taken from the overhead bridge on our way back, this is only 10% of the crowd, this one is heading to and from the market to the Skytrain station.

Market outside our hotel.

Chicken 'satay' for pre-dinner.

Chicken soup noodle for dinner.

More food!

Just can't get enough of it. We went back to JJ weekend market the next day again. I bought a fancy little tee from a stall the previous day, and I regretted not getting more, so I went back to hunt for it. Alas, I could not find that stall anymore. All this while I had followed the rule "You like something, BUY it! You'll never find it anymore". I wish I had changed it to "You like something, buy TWO, or more!"
On the way back to the hotel to check out, we made one last stop.

I left my heart there... at that T-shirt stall in JJ market. Next trip!!


Anonymous said...

so this is the parents getaway.Where was the son,hehe

Anonymous said...

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Angeline said...

wow looks like u had fun dear.
the best part was not having the son along, eh?

Ally said...

Actually that was not the best part. I wished he was there with us!

Anonymous said...

this is better than those travel brochures, girl!