Friday, November 16, 2007

The Progress

Quote of the day: If it is your time, love will track you down like a cruise missile. -Lynda Barry

Such a mess ain't it. RE-tiling the bathroom, as you can see, it's not done well. The 'head' of the team is redoing it without extra charges because it's his fault. I went sink-shopping yesterday in a bathroom shop. It helps when DADDY is the bargaining king contractor and we get kickass contractor discounts. Do you realize our parents or the older folks' bargaining power is 100X of us? Here's a classic example.

Bulldog-face senior man: How much. (note that it's not a question)
Salesman with 10 years experience: Including the accessories, $450 for you
BFSM: *glares at salesman with bulldog face*
Salesman: Boss, include peripheral (technical jargon).... ok ok, $380
BFSM: *walks off to see another item while ignoring salesman* WOW, such display of commanding power!

Amazingly, they always reach a deal amicably.

I also saw cute mini toilets and matching sinks for toddlers. Daniel stood beside it and almost pulled down his pants while saying "Shu shu".

IKEA alien mask: $4.90
A chance to laugh at your own kid behind the camera: Priceless.

He also love the dragon/dinosaur hand puppet, it's like his good friend now.

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Angeline said...

Tat's nice of the contractor to offer to do it again for free.

Daniel is using his dragon thing to drink water cute!