Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gong Xi Gong Xi!

How was Retailer's Day folks? I don't know about those who spent ridiculously marked up Valentine's Day Special Set Course Dinner and what-nots, but I had a fantastic set course dinner of satay, ketupat, and sotong rojak at my local neighbourhood foodcourt. I am just not in the mood for romance these days. Maybe it's because I have ambitions. And also maybe I have this long list of errands to run before the Chinese *GONG XI GONG XI GONG XI NI AH DONG DONG CHIANG* New Year hit me in the face.

This will be the first CNY without mom-in-law, the time we'll miss her the most. The house will never be the same again this festive season. So, for a change, the whole family will be heading to the lovely town of Ipoh, about 800km from where I am sitting right now...or more. That was her hometown, where her siblings are. One of her successful brother built a big house to accomodate as many family members as possible who came to visit, eg for this coming CNY, so we graciously accepted the invitation to suss out the new home and of course the town which is very popular for its good food and white coffee. Ipoh, here I come, and don't let me down!

This is also the time my parents will be alone, separatedly if you know what I mean. This is when I hate traditions and cultural 'rules'. Of course some manage to bend them. This is also the time I wished I married a JohorBahruan or a Singaporean. Everyone will be nearby! I know, I know, it's the Ally-cannot-get-over-the-going-back-to-inlaws issue. It will ALWAYS be an issue, because we are two people who are filial and wants to be close to our own side of family, he, being the only son, and me, being the only child. And we're stubborn too. Maybe it's something simpler ie. I just hate long drives.

I learnt that driving is actually easier than taking the backseat minding an active toddler. I get carsick. I need to focus on the horizon but it doesn't help if my horizon is kicking his legs and wants me to sing him songs and clap hands and play This Little Piggy on his toes and fingers. The hubbie won't let me drive. The hubbie has not experienced the backseat syndrome. The men always drives. Silly me.

Great, this trip to Ipoh will have the car fully occupied, with no room to even stretch my imagination. Of course The Men (hubbie and father-in-law) will take the front seats all throughout the journey simply because they are men almighty. This leads me to a topic of men. Men have all the advantages in life if you ask me. But I will not rant about that now.

I'm done ranting. Gong Xi Fa Cai. Drive safely. Eat to your heart's content. Play mahjong all night and win. Year year got fish. Adios!


Anonymous said...

hey, ipoh to jb where got 800 km??? almost hit the thai border liao lor...

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what "GONG XI GONG XI GONG XI NI AH DONG DONG CHIANG" means. But I'm guessing it not good.

Hope you have better days ahead.


Angeline said...

My dear. if you ask me, it's not "Men", it's "Asian and Most Third World Country Men".


Don't mean to say something against your husband, but I cannot imagine a friend who cares about you (not to mention beloved life partner) who would not at the very least take turns with you to drive on a long journey like this knowing that you get carsick and knowing that toddlers in cars are hard to manage creatures.

In fact, I cannot come up with even a single valid reason why your husband won't take turns with you that does not either directly or indirectly diminish women.

If he says that he has to drive because he is a better driver, he is saying that you (woman) are a lousy driver compared to him (man)(which I believe is patently false since any auto insurance company will tell you that women are safer drivers than men and are also less likely to get into an accident).

If he says that he has to drive because baby is your responsibility since you are mother. HUH? That's even more infuriating.

Among the white Canadian mothers I know, I can't think of a single one who would tolerate such treatment. Could it be because the women do not tolerate it that such blatant MCP-ism barely exists among upper and middle-class white Canadian men? or could it be that the feminist movement of the 60s and 70s in the west has spawned mothers who taught their sons well about how to treat the women in their lives?

Whatever it is, I believe that it will ultimately have to be up to us, women, to educate men or at least the men in our lives about how to treat women with a little more respect and consideration. We're not asking for much - just to be treated the way they themselves expect to be treated.

Angeline said...

OK. I better also quickly add here that, of course, not ALL Asian men are MCP farts - just the many that I've met throughout my life, including the most MCP of dad, of course.

Apologies to you if you are reading this and you happen to be Asian and male, YOU are an exception and not an MCP, I'm sure, but if you are, please change.

Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese New Year Ley Yin.Hope all went well in Ipoh,my home,hehe

have a good time and hang in there,am sure will be k