Monday, August 07, 2006

Janice & Michael's Wedding Lunch

T'was a beautiful Sunday. And they were a beautiful couple. The food was glorious and the wine poured like fountains. How not to enjoy the afternoon when in good company and good food. I could say this was a little Convent gathering, which I have to say, is shrinking and frequency determined mostly by weddings. The next gathering will be at Eileen's barb's first birthday, which I hope to be the gathering of the year.

From left: Ker-hui, Michael, Janice and me.

From left: Me, Dr. Irene Lee, Vivian, Ker-hui and Andrea Chow Ching Yee.

From left: Ker-hui, Vivian, me, Janice and Dr. Irene Lee (potential dermatologist, and many girls' best friend)

The couple of the hour.


Anonymous said...

Hey!! Just thought I'll read your blogs since i havent done that for awhile.. hehe.. boohoohoo... i missed out the gathering at Janice & Michael's wedding lunch!

But you are right.. hehe.. Darren's 1st bday party would hopefully be another full on Convent girls reunion. Pls pass this on and either they email me or they can tell you then you tell me, then i tell my mum! wait wait! tell who... im confused now hahaa.. :P

Look fwd to see you dear... not long to go!

xoxo Eileen

Anonymous said...

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