Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Daniel Then & Now

Daniel's fast facts:
Age: 6 months
Perpetual expression: See bottom picture
Favourite toy: Cube with disco lights that turn when you press a button
Favourite chewtoy: Hampalang sapu!
Favourite colour: Green
Favourite food: Rusk biscuit, mashed potato and carrot (from soup), currently a milkaholic
Favourite pastime: Chewing, looking for things to chew
Physical achievements: Rolling over,sitting without support, first tooth emerging.... beating chest with hands like Tarzan
Emotional achievements: Smiles at girls wearing miniskirts
Vocal achievements: How you doin' you sweet koochie mama... ( oh yes, I was amazed)
Highest education level: Big Rex & Friends by Kiddy Books (for chewing)


Boon Keat said...

Oh Yes! i like green too, and most likely, i like to smile at girls wearing miniskirts too!

Baby! we have many thing in common lah.

Kean Hong said...

this is what i always suspect. seem like it is always got link between this. No wonder Daniel look like...... have so many things in common.

bk, are you sure u did not drunk during my wedding dinner? are you sure?